Mama Melli Childcare Center
Whole Child Holistic Care for Your Growing Little Human


OUR MISSION: To nourish and enrich the lives of young children so that we can help parents raise happy, healthy, strong, creative and successful individuals!

Mama Melli Childcare Center is a whole child holistic center that focuses on the healthy development of your child as a whole (their enrichment physically, emotionally, nutritionally, spiritually) so that he or she can thrive as a happy, healthy, strong, creative, independent, intelligent and loving little human.

We offer:
1. A low child to adult ratio
2. A safe and loving environment
3. Mostly organic, minimally processed, low in sugar, gluten free snacks
4. Essential Oils diffused throughout the day
5. Yoga twice a month
6. Organic gardening
7. Weekly baking
8. Monthly meet-ups (for the parents to meet, the kids to play, and guest speakers to teach us about different health and wellness topics - See Mama Melli Family Wellness section)
9. Private blog posts with pictures
10. Continuous access to the owner via text message

We teach:
1. Love and kindness
2. Manners and respect
3. Empowerment (she is strong, he is beautiful, she is unique, he is incredible just the way he is), Self Love, Mindfulness!
4. Sign language
5. Independence

We have fun!:
1. Crafts and games
2. Celebrate birthdays
3. Celebrate goofy holidays (i.e. Frog Jumping Day!)
4. Dance parties
5. Summer water play
6. Story times
Mama Melli Childcare Center is a play-based daycare with a low child-to-adult ratio.  Because of this, you can rest assured that when you drop off your child, he/she is being properly looked after and cared for, according to your needs and the needs of your child.  Open communication between the caregiver and the parents is very important at Mama Melli.  It is our goal and our purpose to provide a center that is the perfect solution for parents who would otherwise provide in-home care for their little ones, but for one reason or another cannot.

At Mama Melli Childcare Center, we understand the importance of providing a child with a safe and welcoming environment where they can learn, grow and have fun.  The children enjoy imaginative, educational, and creative play.  We bring loving, social and emotional nourishment to your child’s life.  

Another form of nourishment that we believe is of much importance is the nourishment that your child receives through the food that he/she eats.   We understand that proper nutrition has a great impact on a child's overall well being.  A healthy child is a happy child!  For this reason,
all food provided is high quality, gluten-free, low in sugar and mostly organic whole foods with no artificial anything, no caffeine and no peanuts (because it's a common food allergen).  Our menu can be found in the 'For Parents' section of this website.  We are also very accommodating to those who suffer from food allergies or food sensitivities.  

In addition,
please visit the 'Mama Melli Family Wellness' section to learn more about how else we are contributing to your child's health.

Mama Melli Childcare Center is a loving, happy and healthy environment, a daycare like no other, and we look forward to sharing it with you and your little one!

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