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MamaMelli FamilyWellness

Our mission at Mama Melli Childcare Center is to nourish and enrich the lives of young children so that we can help parents raise happy, healthy, strong, creative and successful individuals.

To help accomplish this mission, we have created Mama Melli Family Wellness, an outlet for families to incorporate and learn about health, nutrition, and natural healing remedies.

We all want our kids to grow up to be strong, happy, healthy, successful individuals, right?  Well, I believe this begins with good, healthy habits at a young age.

We can teach our children proper nutrition, how good foods fuel our body.  We can teach our children different ways of boosting their immune systems (and what that means, for that matter).  And we can teach our children that when we do get sick, there are all sorts of different kinds of medicines that can help our bodies heal themselves. And, finally, we can teach our children that being healthy doesn't only mean being free from disease or sickness, but that it also means being happy, being able to control our emotions, being able to socialize and make friends and being able to focus and concentrate.

We here, at Mama Melli Childcare Center, want to help you teach your children these valuable lessons, with Mama Melli Family Wellness.

The food served here is already
gluten free, mostly organic, minimally processed and low in sugar.  And now we have incorporated the use of essential oils into our daily routine.  Essential oils are diffused throughout the day and applied to the bottoms of each child's feet at nap time.  These oils are good for their immune systems and their spirit and they help them relax when it's time to lay down.  

Now I want to introduce you all to my good friend, Gina Allen, who is an essential Oils Independent Distributor for Young Living.

I have created a Facebook Group called Mama Melli Family Wellness where we can discuss oils, natural medicine, kid friendly foods, etc. Please feel free to join us! If you're interested in getting some information on oils right away please view this online version of the EO Starter Guide: 

Now, we are excited to announce that Mama Melli Childcare Center will be hosting monthly Mama Melli Family Wellness Saturday Socials!  The purpose of these Socials will vary month to month. Each will serve as a meet and greet for the mamas who have kiddos enrolled here since some of the kiddos have become such good friends!  They will also serve as an open house for parents interested in learning more about Mama Melli Childcare Center and Mama Melli Family Wellness.  We will also include guest speakers (people that specialize in health and wellness), or just a theme/topic, for those of you who are interested, to discuss.  

 In addition, we are interested in working with other businesses with a similar purpose to host these Saturday Socials and educate us on what it is they do and how they can help.

These Socials will be held on the last Saturday of each month.  Call for details!

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